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During a visit to Barcelona, visitors are often lost and cannot find a car or taxi. The fast rhythm of life here also affects the traffic flow. A person who has just stepped down from the quiet cabin of an airplane is bound to be confused, and he or she will have problems finding transportation. Gettransfer service, which is gaining popularity, also can not always provide services of the proper level.

Our company Barcelona Driver specializes in transportation and excursions both in Barcelona and throughout Europe. If you like comfort and appreciate your time, you should take care of transport in advance. And we are ready to deal with this issue. The main thing for us is to make the client satisfied. We try our best to do it. Extensive car park, professional drivers, transport delivery in advance, courteous staff, discount system – this is not the whole list of our advantages.


Before you book a transfer from Barcelona airport, please check out our cars. They are selected to meet the widest range of needs. For executive visits we have business and executive class cars. This is the best choice if you are used to the comfort or if you need to impress your business partners in Barcelona. The same class of cars will be the best choice in case you have to drive a lot. Your legs and back will not be painful, and you will feel great even late at night.

If you are coming in large groups, the transfer from Barcelona airport should be by minivan or minibus. The first can accommodate up to 6 people, the second – more. Calculate how many people will come with you, and decide in advance on the type of car. But if you don’t know for sure yet, warn the manager and we will be able to find solutions to possible problems.

SUVs will be the best choice if the route runs through the countryside and off-road. The vehicles are equipped with a soft suspension so that you can work quietly or enjoy the surrounding scenery without discomfort.


Barcelona is located in a subtropical climate zone. So it’s always hot here. Besides, we rarely have cloudy weather. Therefore, the main thing that is appreciated is water. This is especially noted by those coming from colder areas. We always put several bottles of cool water into our cars. It is provided absolutely free of charge, so that customers do not feel uncomfortable. In addition, this small, at first glance, addition saves a lot of your time.

Another nice option that all machines are equipped with is the free WI-FI. Upon arrival, you can call your loved ones via Skype or telegram to inform them of a successful landing. And for those who have arrived in Barcelona on working need it is a great opportunity to make an appointment with business partners. You do not need to spend a lot of money on calls in roaming or buy a SIM card, activate it and refill it. We have already solved this problem for you by equipping each car with a free access point.


We have mannered staff. Remember how it was every time you called a taxi? Drivers there are always talking all the time and don’t let you focus on the business. We took care of it. The chauffeur won’t bother you with talking if he sees you’re busy. But if you get bored, you can always talk to him. This is especially true if the transfer from Barcelona airport takes longer and the road will be long.

Our excursions to famous places in Spain and all over Europe are accompanied by professional guides. They know the history and all the interesting places you want to go. And the excursion can be conducted not only from the car. If the group would like, the car can stop, and you – come closer to the sights. The guide will tell you why this or that place is interesting.


Our prices make the visitors happy. As a rule, ordering a car in Barcelona is quite expensive. In addition, a lot of problems that accompany this case, push away tourists from this service. We went the other way: maximum transparency and honest cooperation. All prices are listed on our website. They are always relevant and you can see the cost of ordering a car.

You will need to fill in as many items as you can when booking your car. This way, we can give you the most accurate price. Don’t forget to enter your return phone number and email address. Our manager will contact you to discuss any additional questions.

Payment is made both locally and online. For Barcelona Driver it is important that customers trust us. That’s why we have done everything to make it easy to pay for our services.

The cost is calculated based on the number of people, hours, kilometers and type of car. It seems to us that this is the most correct method of determining the price of a trip.


Our services have already been used by many people. They are extremely satisfied and in future visits, if they need to order a transfer, they contact us. In addition, they actively advise us to their loved ones. You can find their feedback on the website.

We are proud to have been able to build such an honest and useful business for our clients!

How to get to the city from El Prat or Girona?

Barcelona is an important hub for European travel routes, so Barcelona airports are the largest airports in Spain and Europe.

10 kilometers separate El Prat from the city and Girona is 74 kilometers away. Although the distances are quite different, both airports have decent transport links to Spain’s cultural capital.
But it is worth keeping in mind that all public transport has a number of disadvantages for tourists who are coming here for the first time and do not know the Spanish language. But don’t worry in advance, Barcelona Driver is your reliable travel companion.

In Barcelona, the most popular transport for locals is public transport, and the second place is taken by taxi. But for those for whom Barcelona is not their hometown, transfer services are increasingly popular.

Who’ s better to book a Barcelona transfer instead of a taxi?

  • For parents with children

The most convenient thing about airport transfers in Spain is that you will be picked up by a driver with a sign. He will help you get to the car and carry your luggage. The car will be equipped also with a special child seat.

  • For groups of 4 to 8 people

If you calculate the price of Barcelona transfer 2020, it could be much more profitable for the group than a taxi. Firstly, only a small number of cars can carry more than 4 passengers, secondly, the right car will have to wait a long time, unlike the transfer.

  • For inexperienced tourists with no language skills

Ordering a transfer from Barcelona is convenient because the whole transaction is accompanied by a language convenient to the client. Drivers, as well as managers, have an excellent knowledge of both Russian and Spanish.

  • For skiers and snowboarders

In Barcelona, the taxi driver will have to include an extra fee for each item of luggage that exceeds the size of hand luggage. For this reason, ordering a transfer in Spain will be the best solution for those who choose to visit European ski resorts.

  • For those who are in a hurry

Transfers to Spain from Barcelona airport should be booked to those who are limited in time. The driver knows your route thoroughly and how to bring the passengers to Barcelona by the shortest possible route.

  • For those heading out of the city limits

The price of a Spanish taxi is the tariff plus many surcharges, including crossing the city limits. For example, a Barcelona-Andorra transfer will be inexpensive compared to a regular taxi, because you do not have to pay for the taxi driver to get back to Barcelona.

  • For those who appreciate comfort and quality service

If you decide to rest to the highest standard, then your city is Barcelona. The transfer will be the best alternative due to the absence of many restrictions that Spanish taxis have.

When do I have to order a transfer?

For the maximum convenience of the passengers, Barcelona Driver advises to book a transfer 24-48 hours in advance. Barcelona is quite a big city, with traffic jams and its own difficulties. For the driver to have time to calculate your route and prepare your car, it is worth taking care of this in advance, rather than ordering a taxi or airport transfer immediately upon arrival.

Taxis in Barcelona are part of the transport infrastructure regulated by the city government. The City Taxi Institute of Barcelona deals with all issues related to these services:

  • Licensing
  • Quality Control
  • Setting a single price
  • Lost things
  • Problem solving

Look out! You will not be able to use Uber and similar services to order a taxi. Barcelona is on the list of cities where such services are prohibited by law.

However, transfer services are very popular with visitors because they have a number of advantages that taxis do not.

Barcelona Driver is more reliable and profitable than a taxi service in Barcelona. Barcelona Driver airport transfer services offer a uniform price and are available not only within the city, but also far beyond, allowing you to save time, money and effort.

How do I book a taxi in Barcelona?

Let’s look at some possible options:

  • Order by phone or via apps

Disadvantage: The meter is activated when the driver starts driving already to you.

  • Catch on the street

Disadvantage: The driver may add a few extra euros to the price. It is very difficult to catch a car on the street during holidays and festivals.

  • Find it in the parking lot

Disadvantage: There are a number of additional restrictions on what you cannot take and what you cannot do in a taxi. Spain, Barcelona in particular, is famous for its number of tourists, so parking with free drivers can be searched for quite a long time.

  • If there are more than 4 of you, then order a taxi and a transfer. Barcelona-AMB provides these services only by pre-order.

The disadvantage is that only 10% of cars are allowed to take more than 4 people. There will be an additional charge for each subsequent passenger. You can wait a long time for the car.

Features of Barcelona airport taxi services

Barcelona Airport taxi service is organized in such way that all arriving passengers are lined up. Workers in reflective vests then guide people to the arriving cars. Barcelona Airport is a very crowded place, so it is better to follow the signs installed in the room itself rather than following the crowd.

Also Barcelona taxi from the airport can cost around 39 euros. This amount is charged in addition to the distance you travel and excluding baggage that exceeds the amount of hand luggage.

This makes it clear that although a taxi is a convenient means of transportation, it can cost a large sum. Why pay more when you can pay for the same money or even cheaper to book a transfer service from Barcelona Driver?

How to get from El Prat to Barcelona?

There are several ways to get from Barcelona airport to the city by: bus; metro; train; taxi; shuttle service.
Public transport has several common and very unpleasant disadvantages:

    • Limited operating hours ( from 5 to 00 on average);
    • Search for ticket offices to buy a ticket;
    • Additional way from stations and stops to your destination;
  • Transportation of your luggage by yourself.

Ordering a taxi or Barcelona shuttle service from Barcelona Airport is the most convenient and sometimes even more advantageous option. Although it should be noted that Spanish taxis have some shortcomings and some legal restrictions.

Based on the above mentioned features, the most successful way to book your Barcelona airport transfer. You will not have to think about how to get from Barcelona airport to the center, or lose money due to language difficulties and possible tricks of taxi drivers.

How to get from Girona to Barcelona?

74 km lies between the points of Girona-Barcelona. How to get to the city if you choose this airport:

  • Use public transport.

In this case you should wait for the train that runs regularly between the points of Barcelona – Girona. The airport is further synchronized with the buses that take you to Barcelona. Then take the metro/electric/other bus to where you need to go.

  • Shuttles, taxis, car rentals.

If you are a single tourist, a taxi can be unpleasant to surprise the price, in this case it is better to rent a car. If you do not have the driver’s license, then the best option is transfer. Thanks to this you will avoid unnecessary fuss with transfers, search for the right stations and dishonest taxi drivers.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting from Barcelona to Andorra or how to get from Barcelona to Salou, as Barcelona Driver provides transportation services to many destinations of the Costa Dorada and Costa Brava.

Why is an airport transfer in Spain more convenient and profitable than a taxi?

With a Barcelona airport transfer, there is nothing easier than getting from Barcelona airport to the city centre. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • The price is fixed, independent of the time of day;
  • Orders at a convenient time;
  • Comfortable cars for 1-8 people;
  • Lack of language barrier;
  • Professionalism of drivers, no cheating;
  • A “taxi” sign does not allow parking on the airport premises. Conversely, transfer cars have this right;
  • In addition to the city centre, transportation from Barcelona to Andorra and other destinations are also available.

Although Spain has an established public transport infrastructure, this is not what you want to do the first hours of your holiday. For such purposes in Europe has long been developing transfer services. They are very popular due to the above advantages. Barcelona Driver has gone even further in this matter, concerned about the full comfort of its passengers at an affordable price.

In addition to transfer services, Barcelona Driver offers excursions in Barcelona. The suggested routes are the best way to open the heart of the city for you.

A sightseeing tour of Barcelona covers all the most important and significant sights of the city. As we care about the comfort of our clients, we suggest choosing the most convenient duration of the trip: 2, 3, 4 and 8 hours.
The excursion program, depending on the duration, will include the following locations:

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • La Rambla
  • Park Güell
  • Casa Batlló
  • Barri Gòtic
  • Mercat de la Boqueria
  • Montjuïc
  • Tibidabo

During the excursion you will be accompanied by a responsible guide. He is in charge of buying tickets to La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, so you don’t waste time in long queues.

Excursions take place in a comfortable car, which saves you time and energy to enjoy the views and sights of Barcelona instead of hiking. All cars are equipped with an internet access point. Passengers can also enjoy free drinking water in the car.

Barcelona Driver provides additional excursion programs in cities other than Barcelona. If you are an experienced driver and have the right to drive, you also have the opportunity to rent one of our fleet cars to create your own route through the fascinating streets of the Spanish capital of culture.

When you first arrive in any country, the first thing that awaits you is the road from the airport to your hotel, hostel or place where you plan to live. How much does it costs to get a taxi from Barcelona Airport to the city centre, how can I book a cheap one and why is the transfer more convenient than the city transportation service?

How much does a taxi in Barcelona cost?

The price policy of Spanish taxi drivers depends on different aspects:

  • Time of day, holidays, weekends;
  • Whether you are transporting children or baggage (extra charge may apply). Unfortunately, it is not allowed to transport animals;
  • Whether the car was in traffic jam;
  • Whether you are departing from the airport/port/station/bus station.

Be aware that you may be charged extra money for a taxi in Barcelona. The price will increase if you go outside the city limits, for example. Then you still have to pay part of the return journey to the driver.
Taxi prices in Barcelona are subject to 3 rates (tariff/price of 1km/price of downtime per hour):

  • Tariff 1 – for weekdays (2,20/1,17/22,40);
  • Tariff 2 – night tariff for weekdays, day tariff for holidays and weekends (2,20/1,40/22,40);
  • Tariff 3 – Night tariff for weekends and holidays (2,30/1,40/22,40).

How to book a taxi in Barcelona cheaply?

Public transport and taxis in Spain are much more expensive than in the CIS countries. It is also worth considering that you will have to pay an extra price if you call a taxi in Barcelona by phone (you pay the driver’s way to you).

In general, it will be difficult to save money if your destination is Barcelona. Taxis here can only be ordered cheaply when you come to it yourself in the afternoon, on a weekday.

How to book a cheap taxi from the airport?

Unfortunately, none. The problem is that the minimum airport taxi fare from the airport is €20, this does not take into account the kilometre and the fact that the destination is not outside the city limits.
It is also worth considering that there is a huge flow of people waiting for you at the airport. Taxis from the airport, the cost of service and queues can be unpleasant to surprise tourists coming for the first time. So we advise you to use our transfer services.

Why is the Barcelona Driver transfer more comfortable than a taxi?


  • The driver can expect you up to 60 minutes
  • Drive up to the right place.
  • Available in different capacities and different vehicle classes
  • You can order in a few days.
  • They will meet you at the airport and help you with your luggage. In advance, you know which car will arrive.
  • Free drinking water is available in the car.
  • Free Internet access point (Wi-Fi)
  • The driver is fluent in both Russian and Spanish.
  • Complete manager support and problem solving.


  • Pay for downtime at a special rate.
  • Pay for the road to you or look for special parking lots
  • Can’t transport more than 4 people
  • You can’t order a few days in advance
  • You’ll have to wait for a random car and carry your own stuff to it.
  • You can’t eat or drink in a taxi. You and the driver may be fined
  • Lack of many amenities
  • The driver may not understand you and where to go.
  • Stay one-on-one with the driver.